LOCATION on southeast asea. There is the boundary line of the east. Laos and Cambodia. south Gulf of Thailand and Malasia, West Andaman sea and Burma, north Burma and Laos.

CITY Bangkok

LANGQUAGE Thai is the national language. the language is other such as English , Chinese , Malasian

GOVERNMENT democracy

AREA 514,000 square kilometres or 198,457
square miles.

POPULATION 70 million persons.


PHYSICAL North compose the mountain range is a lot of upland dot most 2,576 the meters. at Doi intanon hill in Chiang Mai province. Northeastern the plateau, The dry, stick on a Mekong river and Laos country. a part is middle the low land, there is the Chow Phaya River, a river late a pillar flow through go out to the sea in Gulf of Thailand. mainly of the Bangkok capital, South the mountain range and forest. keen deliver [ protuberant ] go to in the sea river east bank Gulf of Thailand. river bank. west Andaman sea of south be Malasia country.

TEMPPERATURE Thailand in on zone hot border. the temperature 32-33 % on the average a degree. the Zen staggers have three season heat rain, The cold, The especial river bank Andaman sea have two season, heat and rain.

NATIONALITY Thai, Laos family, Cambodian family, Chinese family, Burma, Vietnam and hill tribe all tribes
RELIGION 95 % Buddha are 4 % islam and otherฯ